1. More swings in living spaces. Melbourne 2014. 

  2. Adam the ‘sound’ guy on a rooftop somewhere in Yangon. I’ve made it back to the UK now and I’m taking stock of my last 15 months away in Myanmar. I met some inspiring people from all over the world and Adam was one of them, he also dressed pretty slick. 

  3. Hpa An, Myanmar, 2014. 

  4. I came across this guy living the Road Rash dream on the back roads of Hpa-An in Kayan State, Burma. Complete with handlebar-mounted knife holster, chain and metal bar, he was all too happy to walk us through his vigilante combat vehicle. 

  5. In their natural surroundings. 

  6. Melbourne sunsets are ridiculous, 2014.  

  7. Melbourne’s fierce skies, 2014.

  8. Sydney Harbour, Australia, 2014. 

  9. Penguin watching in Melbourne, 2014. 

  10. Tourists, Sydney, 2014. 

  11. Sydney, 2014.

  12. Sydney, 2014. 

  14. Legs

  15. Jim’s Mowing, Aireys Inlet, Australia. 2014